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Services - Roshan Global Services Ltd

Happy Stove: Saving Lives, Saving Money, Saving Environment

Zhaipe - Diko Road

Dikko, Niger State

Mon - Fri 8.00 - 18.00

Sat & Sun CLOSED


Our Services

Production of Happy Stove

Roshan Global Services manufactures the Happy Energy saving stoves that uses 50 to 60% less fuel, clean for indoor use, and reduced emissions.

Production of Briquettes

Roshan Global Services Ltd produces the Happy Briquettes from biomass agricultural waste. Our charcoal briquettes are smokeless and burns for a long time.

Production of Happy Grills

The Happy Energy Efficient Grills burns clean and consume less fuel. The products provides a safer, healthier, cleaner and environmentally friendly alternative

Bakery Ovens Set up

The Happy Improved rocket oven model is easy to use, offers good heat distribution, smokeless, safe, easy to use and very efficient (uses up to 90% less fuel).


Roshan Global Services Ltd provides training services in fabrication and retailing for the improved cook stoves, brickets, rocket ovens and grill to women and youths.


Roshan's consulting services module targets a broader range of the biomass and solar renewable energy market; we set up and manage production centres for clients.

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